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Euro Korczowa Logistic

Why you should choose Euro Korczowa Logistic?


✔ Euro Korczowa Logistic is located directly beside the main road, leading to PL-UA border. It is a historical, essential trading route,on the border with EU.

✔ Neighborhood with Waimea Logistic Park Korczowa – investment for approximately 25 million Euro
and Korczowa Logistics Park – investment for approximately 120 million Euro
✔ Euro Korczowa Logistic is situated on visa-free border area for Ukrainians 

Korczowa is the biggest border crossing between West and East. It is situated in south eastern part of Poland, Podkarpackie voivodeship. Since all segments of newly build highway A4 in 2017 were established, it became an integral part of the longest european route which connects Korczowa with western Europe, Iberian peninsula. Current situation guarantee great opprotunities and perespectives to maintain logistic center in the strategic place like Korczowa.

In nearby future, it is estimated that Euro Korczowa Logistic will be called “Europe Singapore on a land” because:
✔ location allows to gather supplies from all over the world 
✔ well organised logistic center in a crucial place ensures to generate certain profit, reduce expenses and

Transport time

all these factors determine optimal price for products and services you would like to provide

26 hectares

Real property measured approximately 26 hectares is solely owned by Intur sp. z o.o. - polish investor. Mentioned above property is provided with all necessary resources: electricity, water supply, Internet, telecommunication. 

Logistic, production and trading 

companies are welcome to negotiate with us about buying or leasing particular properties of Euro Korczwa Logistic.


Młyny 142 


tel. +48 602 527 100